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Welcome To Brookins Construction Apprenticeship Institute

Start your journey to success and a high-paying construction career today by taking some of our construction courses and learning more about the ins and outs of the trade. Call us at (313) 220-2290 for more information or to discuss your needs. As policy makers and workforce leaders seek to connect people to jobs in our current economy, one industry that continually attracts attention is construction. While construction workers have experienced repeated layoffs in the current downturn, demand for construction skills is expected to rebound as the economy picks up. In addition, new policies designed to promote energy efficiency and support the development or re-development of critical infrastructure have the potential to create significant demand for construction skills. Moreover, the construction industry is experiencing an aging labor force, particularly among highly skilled craftspeople, which will also contribute to an increased demand for construction skills in the near future.

At Brookins Construction Apprenticeship Institute, we offer apprenticeship training, construction education, and classes in many different, including safety, management, project manager, superintendent, foreman, and others. Whether you are new to the and need complete training or are in need of refreshment, our Detroit, Michigan Institute is here to help.

We Offer Following Programs As the industry’s leading provider of education and training, we are committed to providing the highest level and quality programs so you can succeed in your career as a professional or as a contractor in developing your people, winning work and delivering that work safely, ethically and profitably. We offer the following programs:

- Construction Programs

- Construction Student Training

- Construction Management Programs

We offer classes in the evening at multiple locations and online as well for your convenience. Understanding that construction takes place during normal business hours, we try to accommodate those who are looking for deeper learning in construction by offering classes at various times and locations.

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Modern Carpentry, 12th Edition

Modern Carpentry provides detailed coverage of all aspects of light construction, including site preparation and layout, foundations, framing and sheathing, roofing, windows and doors, exterior finish, stairs, cabinetry, and finishing. Special topics, such as chimneys, fireplaces, and decks, are also covered. The text familiarizes students with other aspects of the building with chapters on plumbing, electrical, and HVACR.

Changes for this edition include a new Green Building and Certification Programs chapter, new Thinking Green features, increased coverage of International Residential Code (IRC) and OSHA requirements, and increased safety and rigging content.

A career chapter and Construction Careers features throughout the text introduce students to on-the-job success factors, including basic skills, safety, attitudes, and career opportunities.

Detailed, step-by-step procedures break down complex operations into easy-to-follow tasks, ensuring student success.

Construction Programs